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Fluid Rate

The fluid rate panel starts with the user entering the patient weight in either kg or lb. We automatically convert the weight you entered into the equivalent kg/lb unit. The user then selects a daily maintenance fluid rate from a preprogrammed list of available formulas used most commonly in veterinary practice.

We provide you with 5 of the most common formulas already preset within the app (AAHA/AAFP guidelines for each the dog and cat formulas, basal metabolic rate (BMR) for both the dog and cat formula and the rule of thumb for both the dog and cat forrmula).

Your result will instantly be displayed, at both a daily and hourly fluid rate. Along with the daily maintenance fluid rate, you have the ability to add a dehydration percentage which will automatically adjust your fluid rate to include the dehydration amount.


The CRI panel builds off of the fluid rate panel, but goes a step further to include calculations for how much a drug to add to a given amount in a fluid bag to obtain a CRI rate for your patient.

This section includes a list of commonly used CRI drugs with commonly used dosage ranges and drug concentrations. When you select the drug you want, we will automatically display the commonly used dosage and concentration and then the user selects which value they want to use based off the range we provide, or the user can select another value that they prefer to use since this is fully customizable.

The end result is again thoroughly explained in a sentence so the user can easily understand how much fluid to remove from the fluid bag prior to adding the amount of the drug to the fluid bag.

Drip Rate

The drip rate panel also builds off of the fluid rate panel. Here we calculate how many drops/min and drops/sec you need based off of a certain fluid rate and drip set. The end result is again thoroughly explained in a sentence so the user can easily understand how many drops need to be delivered using that particular drip set.


The dilution panel allows you to calculate a new concentration (C2), calculate how much diluent to add (V2-V1) or calculate your starting volume (V1). This is based off the C1V1 = C2V2 formula, and will let you find what variable you are looking for. All of our fields have automatic conversion between mg/mL and %. The end result is throughly explained in a sentence so it is clear what your starting concentration is and how much volume you will use + what your diluent is + what your final concentration is and what total volume will be in your final solution.


Calculate a new concentration


Calculate how much diluent to add


Calculate your starting volume


The RER panel allows the user to simply enter the patient's weight in either kg or lb and will quickly generate what the estimated kcal/day requirement is for various life stage factors based off of the weight entered. This allows you to very quickly and easily calculate the caloric need for a hospitalized patient and also to tell an owner how much they should be feeding their pet at home.


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